To prepare your lawn for services from OnPoint Lawncare, following these straightforward steps can ensure the best outcomes and a smooth service experience:

  • Clear the Lawn: Remove any toys, tools, debris, and large branches from your lawn. This helps our team access all areas easily and safely.
  • Watering: Ensure your lawn is hydrated especially if aeration or seeding services are planned. Watering should be done one to two days before the service.
  • Access: Make sure gates are unlocked or provide us with access if needed. Inform us about any specific areas that might need special attention or areas to avoid.
  • Pets: Keep pets indoors during the service to ensure their safety and the efficiency of our work.

By preparing your Western NY lawn using these steps, you'll help us provide the most effective and efficient care possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our team.

We offer free estimates and are happy to answer any lawn care questions you may have.